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Donna's Personal Story
I was born in Brooklyn NY under the SUN & MOON in SCORPIO - I can REMEMBER when I was BORN starting from    minutes before I ENTERED the WORLD & was INTRODUCED to MY PARENTS. As my BROTHERS would JOKE and say -"She REMEMBERS COMING DOWN the BIRTH CANAL - LOL" - ACTUALLY I DO :) - In 1968 I STARTLED My MOM when I revealed to her all of my MEMORIES that I had up to that point in time - she TURNED PALE as a GHOST :) LOL.  
I have been searching ALL MY LIFE for an explanation of HOW & WHY I Can REMEMBER so DEEPLY - I Have a PROFOUND MEMORY. 1st Time Situations IMPRINT in MY MIND with FULL DETAILS of SIGHT, SMELL, SOUNDS & THOUGHT. I have yet to find others that share this at the same level. After the DEATH of my beloved MOM - I went on a PERSONAL QUEST to FIND these ANSWERS. 
In 1995 I received my first Natal Birth Chart Reading from Dr Lyn Hammond-Gray (Atlanta GA). Lyn UNDERSTOOD ME COMPLETELY. I found that ASTROLOGY answered MOST of my questions. The ACCURACY of this SYSTEM was 100% CORRECT. After my READING with LYN - I BECAME one of her students and I TRAINED with her for 5 yrs before I returned to NY. I have maintained my friendship with Lyn, she has been an IMPORTANT ROLE MODEL in My Life as a TEACHER, MENTOR and DEAR FRIEND. 
In December 2008 Lyn (a MANIFESTOR) suggested (INVITED) that I (a PROJECTOR) subscribe to the Mountain Astrologer Magazine and so I did. On January 10th 2009 - I received my first issue of the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. As I opened the front cover I SEE a FULL PAGE AD - GET YOUR FREE CHART - The HUMAN DESIGN SYSTEM - a COSMIC SCIENCE that Combines - ASTROLOGY - The Kabala TREE of LIFE - The I-CHING & The Hindu CHAKRA System. I was FASCINATED with this COMBINATION of KNOWLEDGE. 
After I found the info to be completely accurate for MY CHART - I proceeded to check the CHARTS of all my FAMILY, FRIENDS and CO-WORKERS (that I had BIRTH INFO for). It was AMAZING - the info about the PERSONALITY TRAITS of the MANIFESTOR - GENERATOR / (Manifesting Generator) - PROJECTOR & REFLECTOR were COMPLETELY ACCURATE for each INDIVIDUAL that I CHECKED. This KNOWLEDGE REVEALED the ANSWERS to the REST of MY QUESTIONS. 
On February 3rd 2009 I received my 1st RAVE CHART OVERVIEW - followed by a FOUNDATION READING - The REST is HISTORY - from that DAY FORWARD I have been an AVID Student of the HUMAN DESIGN SYSTEM - FINALLY THE ANSWER I have been SEARCHING for is - My PROFOUND MEMORY comes from having a DEFINED MIND with several GATES of MEMORY on 4 of 5 LEVELS of CONCIOUSNESSI learned that by following the STRATEGY (Wait for an INVITATION) and AUTHORITY (Outer) of my TYPE (PROJECTOR) - CHANGED MY LIFE for the BETTER and TODAY I am HAPPY to ANNOUNCE that I AM NOW a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL LIVING YOUR DESIGN GUIDE (LYDG). 


This was MANIFESTED in My Life
with Respect & Gratitude 
Thanks to My MENTOR     
Astrologer Dr. Lyn hammond-Gray