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    are apprx 9% of the Population
    Not Self = ANGER

    are apprx 70% of the Population
    Not Self = FRUSTRATION

    are apprx 20% of the Population
    Not Self = BITTERNESS

   are apprx 1%  the of Population
   Not Self = Disappointment
Donna's RAVE Mandala PROJECTOR 4/6

The Human Design System is not a religion or philosophy. It is a way of making decisions from the body that leads to becoming uniquely you at a form level, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. It is mechanical, not spiritual, so you do not need to believe any of this - that is the beauty of Human Design, it can be verified, or not, by anyone. You can play with it and see what happens for yourself. Be your OWN JUDGE. 

Human Design is all about relying on your body's awareness, your aura mechanics and your own authority to make decisions about your life, 

Aura Type = Your Strategy   
By following your Aura Strategy you can change your life to live happier and healthier. 

Decision Making = Authority 
How to make a Reliable decision based on what is Fixed and Defined in your body.  

The Nine Energy Centers - Everyone has a mix of Undefined and or Defined 9 Energy Centers 
What is defined (colored) and consistent in your design you can rely on as you see how they operate. What is undefined (open or white) is where you have been deeply conditioned from others. Through your own experiment you can see that these not-self voices have been running your life. Now it's your turn to regain control and decondition yourself. 

See below for more details.......

The strategy of the Manifestor is to inform before they act. The Manifestor is unique in its aura - it repels others, it moves them out of the way as a protection. The Manifestor is here to do whatever they want is designed to be able to function independent of whatever else is going on in its world. The Manifestor benefits from informing people in their lives of what they are going to do beforehand so they will have less resistance. When people feel included in the Manifestor's decision making they happily assist and get out of the way. 

The Generator's strategy is to wait to respond. The Generator's aura pulls life to them and if they listen to what 
their sacral energy is responding to, "Uh Huh," or, "Un uh," yes or no respectively, healthy for me or not, they 
will come into the activities and relationships where their energy will be well spent and actually regenerate their 
life force. 
The strategy of the Projector is to wait for the invitation. Since Projector's are not sacral beings (Generators are)
they have no consistent access to the life force or energy that so much of the planet takes for granted, they need 
to be invited into relationships where there is a potential for the healthy use of the energy of others, if Projectors 
try to force their way in the world they find themselves falling short without energy. The Projector's ability to 
guide energy and see the other needs to be recognized and invited first. 

The strategy of the Reflector is to wait a full lunar cycle (roughly 29.5 days) while feeling out important
 decisions. Reflectors are exceptionally rare and serve a deeply interesting role, they are here to be judges and 
seers of the whole. Reflectors reflect their community, showing pieces here and there in themselves of the people in the places where they live. Being so changeable and reflective the only anchor they have in their process, in their ability to know what is correct for them or not, is to wait out the lunar cycle which, in it's monthly movement through all the gates in their chart makes them (as an example) a manifestor for half a day, a generator for the second half, a reflector that evening and a projector the next morning and so on through a month. Familiarity with this individual monthly pattern is so important, feeling out the decision through each potential aspect of their design brings them clarity. 

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